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Here we have put together some articles written by our electricians composed from our vast experience in the field. The topics covered provide help with the commonly encountered electrical problems in the home, give plain straight-forward safety advice, educate and improve understanding on the theoretical principles of electricity, and to otherwise serve useful. Our intention is to grow and maintain a catalogue of articles that are informative and interesting, that contain both introductory and technical material. We hope you find something here that piques your fancy. Enjoy

Prevent Electrocution
Residual Current Switches were designed to prevent electrocution, and since there inception have proven to be extremely effective, cheap to buy and easy to install. They have worked so well infact they are now required by law in all new buildings and dwellings. But how do they work? We discuss the details in this article.

hazardous appliancesAppliance Safety
We all rely on appliances in our homes to provide us with the modern conveniences to which we have become accustomed. As technology advances the inner workings of these devices becomes more opaque, and some appliances may present us with certain risks. So what appliances do we need to understand, and what are the associated risks? We discuss the details in this article.

Power Points
Power points have been around a long time, we are all aware of that. But are you aware that they are the highest single point of failure than any other electrical infrastructure. Faulty power point connections are estimated to be the cause of over 10 fires in Brisbane every year? We discuss the details in this article.

Green Electricity Suppliers In Brisbane
Scientific evidence has long indicated that global warming is a problem that can not be ignored, although for decades that’s exactly what has occurred. However, recent weather events have proven that this can no longer continue. Our major carbon outputs come from electricity production, transportation and farming. Going green is no longer for the environmentally conscious, its become a social responsibility. In the article we list all of the green electricity suppliers in Brisbane.

cash_stackHow To Save Big Money On Your Electricity Bill
In 2007 the Labour Federal Government formally recognised carbon fuelled climate change. With the intention to address carbon emission and rising electricity prices they implemented a scheme to reduce residential energy usage (see Department of Industry, Science & Innovation). Many states also implemented their own similar schemes: REES in SA, ESS in NSW. The scheme provided free in home assessments. An assessor would analyse your dwelling to optimise efficiencies and reduce overall consumption, saving you big money as a result. Using this and other information including our own, we have compiled an updated report for 2017 in this article.

Solar Power
Thinking about getting solar panels installed on your roof? It’s a great way to cut out your electricity bill and carbon footprint. Did you know that any excess power generated is feed back into the grid and you get paid for your contribution. Is the initial capital outlay worth it, and how many years before breakeven? We discuss the economics and more in this article.

3 Phase Vs Single Phase
Do you potentially require a three phase electricity supply at your business or industry premises? There are some important considerations that come along with efficiently managing a high power load and supply. We discuss the details in this article.

Lightning Protection
A bolt of lightning can produce a DC surge to ground in the magnitude of 100MVolts and 10KAmps. If directly struck by lightning (or very near) every appliance and every electrical system including the house wiring will be damaged and possibly destroyed. It is possible to protect against these spikes using ground drain bypass, and if you are located in a lightning prone area this is a must have.

Have we missed something, or would you like us to discuss a particular area not already covered? Let us know. Your feedback is important to us, please comment or review us here.